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réminiscences (single)

réminiscences. Sometimes, it is essential to stop the mad rush of the world for a while. Sitting on the bank of a river, contemplating the show of nature in the dying day. Then summon one's memories, allowing the emergence of past emotions in order to travel into the uncertainties of the present times. And finally let an inner song be born, the song of life, adorned with timeless melodies that one would like to be eternal.
Denis Desassis, January 2023.

released February 1, 2023
réminiscences. For prepared piano, electric guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar, trumpet, alto saxophone, alto violin, cello and small string ensemble.

Produced and recorded by Thierry Zaboitzeff.
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© 2023 Thierry Zaboitzeff
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 Rythmes Croisés (F) - Exposé online (USA)

Rythmes Croisés (F)

Thierry ZABOITZEFF in reminiscent pause
2 May 2023 Rythmes Croisés Infos et Brèves

No sooner had he completed his anniversary anthology celebrating his 50 years of music(s) than Thierry ZABOITZEFF moved on to a new artistic project. So, we can't blame him for taking a break, during which he... recorded new music!

While waiting for a new album, Dr. ZAB' releases a single, only available in digital version, as a parenthesis between two titanic projects. The atmosphere of the track invites you to "freeze on the image", to put yourself in "off" mode to better let yourself be caught by the world around you, the landscape that is offered to you, the memories that surreptitiously rise to the surface of a refreshed consciousness (and in this field, ZABOITZEFF has recently graciously opened his mnemonic Pandora's box with his series of biographical texts retracing his career...)

Titled Réminiscences, this new composition gives the impression of hearing a contemporary music group with a chamber music tendency, in the wake of certain refined and nonchalant pieces to which ZABOITZEFF has already accustomed us, even certain "artzoydian" pieces.

However, this is not a group composition and performance. Thierry deploys his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, playing prepared piano, electric guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar, trumpet, alto saxophone, alto violin, cello and small string ensemble.

The result is amazing, and can be listened to and re-listened to with delight, as these Reminiscences know how to capture those necessary moments when sensation, dreams and the past combine their thrills to hypnotise a soul and regenerate it.

Réminiscences is available on Thierry ZABOITZEFF's bandcamp page, as well as on different platforms.

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Exposé (USA)

Reviews | Thierry Zaboitzeff - Réminiscences (Single)
by Peter Thelen 31/03/2023


The instrumental piece at hand is Thierry Zaboitzeff’s first new work published since last year’s massive three disc career retrospective 50 Ans de Musique. One might be tempted to dismiss Réminiscences because, after all, it’s just a five minute single with no B side, and a download at that, but it certainly makes for an enjoyable listen, full of introspection and emotion, borne of a quiet place, possibly on the river bank as the last light of day begins to fade away, and the mind drifts back to distant memories from long ago. The gentle approach brings forth a natural examination of previous experiences that one might find in those quietest of self-conscious moments. The piece begins with a soft twelve-string acoustic guitar figure with perhaps some understated prepared piano and bass guitar accompaniment. A half minute in the mournful cello joins the parade of thoughts, and eventually other strings (violin, viola) and trumpet and alto sax as the piece develops stronger feelings and kaleidiscopic moods. Never resorting to anything edgy or harsh, there are no drums or strict cadence, the gentle nature of the piece could be likened to perhaps something from the early works of Mike Oldfield or even the late Pekka Pohjola at his most introspective, then at a little over five minutes it suddenly ends without a lot of warning. Apparently TZ plays all of the instruments, with no other musicians credited.

Réminiscences sounds like it could be the opening movement for a much longer suite of several parts, but then again that might just be my wishful thinking. Still, there is an abundance of immersive warmth and emotion to be found herein.

Peter Thelen

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