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Missa Furiosa Libera Me
Missa Furiosa Sanctus
Missa Furiosa Libera Me Drums
Missa Furiosa Lacrimosa
Missa Furiosa Sanctus 2
Missa Furiosa  Thierry Zaboitzeff
Missa Furiosa Kyrie

Missa Furiosa - Zaboitzeff & Crew

Latin mass for three lyrical singers and techno-pop ensemble

Director : Stéphane Vérité
Stage design : Gérald Gribé and Emilie Guillon
Light design : Eric Lousteau Carrère
Film : Harald Friedl
Thierry Zaboitzeff : cello, bass, vocals, programming.
Peter Angerer : drums and percussions.
Judith Lehner : vocals (soprano) and clarinets.
Rupert Bopp : violin, oud, vocals.
Irene Wallner : vocals (alto).
Sebastian Rietz : vocals (baritone).
Philippe Colpin : sound design.
Petra Herglotz : production assistant.

Opening night : Posthof-Linz Brucknerfest, 24 and 26 September 2002 (Austria)
Szene Salzburg-Republic, Long Night for Museums, 5 October 2002 (Austria)
Maubeuge le Manège, Scène Nationale, 22 October 2002 (France)
Marseille, Théâtre Toursky 18 January 2004 (France)
Supports : Bundeskanzleramt, Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg,
Volkswagen Soundfoundation, Erste Salzburger Sparkasse
Kulturfonds, LIVA, Posthof Linz, SZENE Salzburg

Missa Furiosa - Zaboitzeff & Crew 2002 - live - Film by Harald Friedl

In the beginning there was sound - Harald Friedl

Missa Furiosa - Zaboitzeff & Crew

The music of the show in studio version is published on CD
Label : Intoxygene - INTOX 023 CD
Digital release date : 01/10/2004
Physical release date: 2004
Digital distribution : The Orchard Music (on behalf of INTOXYGENE)
and 2 music rights management companies
Physical release date: 2004
Genre : art rock - ambient - contemporary classical - alternative - soundtrack - experimental - electro acoustic...
Number of tracks : 12 | Duration : 54:00
Musicians : Peter Angerer (drums - percussions on 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/12)
Rupert Bopp (vocals, oud, violin on 1/2/3/4/6/9/12)
Jean Bermes (baritone vocals on 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12)
Christine Augustin (mezzosopran on 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/12)
Thierry Zaboitzeff (vocals, bass guitar, guitars, keyboards, cello, samplers, percussion programming and other virtual instruments)
Composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff except track 10 - W.A. Mozart arranged by Thierry ZABOITZEFF
Recording and mixing: Thierry Zaboitzeff (Iva Lirma Studio - Rif-Hallein, Austria)
Artwork : nosfe_rat@hotmail.com

Missa Furiosa CD
Missa Furiosa Gloria
Missa Furiosa O Vierrou
Missa Furiosa Introitus
Missa Furiosa Libera Me finale

Cast of the premiere version (live)
Judith Lehner: Clarinets - vocals (mezzo sop.) / Irene Wallner: vocals (alto) / Rupert Bopp: violin - oud - vocals / Sebastian Rietz : vocals (baritone).
Peter Angerer : Drums - Percussions / Thierry Zaboitzeff: Bass - Cello - vocals - composition / Stéphane Vérité: Stage direction /
Gérald Gribé and Emilie Guillon : scenography / Eric Lousteau Carrère : light creation / Philippe Colpin : sound

Cast of the second version (live)
Lynn Kieran: vocals / Tini Kainrath: vocals / Sandrine Rohrmoser: vocals / Rupert Bopp: violin - oud - vocals /
Peter Angerer : Drums - percussion / Thierry Zaboitzeff: Bass - Cello - vocals - composition / Philippe Colpin: sound - light.

Missa Furiosa Les Moines
Missa Furiosa V2 Lynn Kieran
Missa Furiosa Requiem
Missa Furiosa Requiem Judith Lehner
Missa Furiosa Kyrie Irene Wallner
Missa Furiosa Requiem la poupée
Missa Furiosa Lacrimosa Sebastian Rietz
Affiche Missa Furiosa
Missa Furiosa V2 Ruppert Bopp Lynn Kieran
Missa Furiosa V2 Sandrine Rohrmoser - Thierry Zaboitzeff
Missa Furiosa V2 Tini Kainrath
Missa Furiosa Finale Peter Angerer

Video credits : Harald Friedl | Photo credits : Editta Braun - Stéphane Vérité

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