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Art Zoyd 1984 Hornu


Art Zoyd 1971
Art Zoyd 1983 - 84
Art Zoyd 1984
Art Zoyd 1983 1984
Art Zoyd Nosferatu
Art Zoyd - Les Envahisseurs
Art Zoyd - Le Mariage du Ciel et de l'Enfer

Art Zoyd

This is where it all began for Thierry Zaboitzeff who, together with Gérard Hourbette, joined the group Art Zoyd founded in 1969 by Rocco Fernandez. In 1975, Gérard and Thierry took over the destiny of the group, radically changing their approach to composition and the implementation of their recording and stage projects...
Numerous tours all over the world...
In 1997, due to deep artistic differences, Gérard and Thierry put an end to more than twenty five years of collaboration and companionship. They will meet one last time to celebrate the 44 years and 1/2 of the group Art Zoyd during two memorable concerts in 2015 at the festival rock in Opposition (Carmaux-F) then in 2016 at the Phénix of Valenciennes (F).

Art Zoyd - Nosferatu - 1988 - clip

Art Zoyd - Berlin - 1986 - Film by Christophe Jouret

Art Zoyd Phase IV - FR3 1982 - Film by Daniel Poteau

Art Zoyd - birthday concert 2015 - Shortcuts

Affiche Haxan
Affiche Art Zoyd 1984
Affiche Art Zoyd Faust
Affiche Rock in Opposition Festival
Flyer Art Zoyd Nosferatu Hong Kong
Affiche Mariage du ciel et de l'enfer
affiche Art Zoyd Magma Carmaux 1976
Affiche serata Roland Petit Teatro alla Scala
Art Zoyd Moscou
Art Zoyd Hong Kong
Art Zoyd NYC Lincoln Center
Art Zoyd 1984 European Tour


All the documents on this page : photos, videos, texts, posters, illustrations concerning Art Zoyd correspond to the different periods in which Thierry Zaboitzeff participated as a composer, multi-instrumentalist and co-director between 1975 and 1997.
for more information about the band after Thierry Zaboitzeff's departure, please go here.

Video credits : Daniel Poteau for Phase IV Video FR3 / Christophe Jouret for the clip Nosferatu and Art Zoyd Berlin - Centre Culturel Français / Editta Braun for Art Zoyd birthday concert 2015 : (shortcuts) Personal archive.
Photo credits : Michel Laloux - Pierre Henry - Philippe Betrancourt - Alessandro Achilli - Emmanuel Valette


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