Feuerwelt Eine Sience Fiction
Released on 8 December 2017 by Booster/Believe
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Soundtrack of 2011-Feuerwelt. Eine Science Fiction
Visualisierte Linzer Klangwolke 2011.
Thierry Zaboitzeff 2011

Singing :
Sandrine Rohrmoser
Gerda Rippel
Katrin Hauptmann

Texts and compilation of texts:
Beda Percht

Katrin Hauptmann
Peter Arp
Christian Sattlecker

Music composed by Thierry Zaboitzeff except Epilog:
free adaptation of "Blowing in the Wind" (Bob Dylan)

Close Up 2.0
Music for Close Up 2.0 - editta braun company

The concert pianist Cécile Thevenot performs hers and Thierry Zaboitzeffs compositions at the grand piano.

Five female dancers - bodies in concert - enter the stage, creating a physical dialogue with the pianist's performance, thus embodying and externalising the interior sounds and texture of the music.

Fantastical lemur-like creatures - distorted, constricted and oppressed - invade the concert pianist’s perfect harmonic world, so that even the artificially encapsulated world of high culture, where the pursuit of perfection doesn’t leave any room for doubts, cannot escape from the tension of everyday cares and worries. Nightmarish realities and fears, but also a shadow of the desire for freedom, appear as incarnated thoughts and feelings. The five dancers’ moving bodies - sometimes individually, sometimes in pairs, sometimes a seemingly inextricable agglomeration of extremities - constitute and articulate the physicality and motivations of strange, otherwordly creatures. Are they the pianist’s alter egos or dark suppressed aspects of her soul? While she is playing, these beings become her fellow antagonists and collaborators. They are suffused by the dense, mighty live music and then are driven or tortured, hunted or released, by the sounds around them. They resist – and they react. 

Photo credits for this page : Bettina Frenzel / Artwork : Walter Fröhlich


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