Creation of the soundtrack for the film by Editta Braun and Menie Weissbacher
LUVOS migrations.
Premiere: 22 November 2022, 19:30

DAS KINO Salzburg

Strange LUVOS beings from the editta braun company's body illusion theatre conquer the screen to Thierry Zaboitzeff's powerfully sensitive music, set to images by Menie Weissbacher & Editta Braun.

The 19-minute film LUVOS migrations tells of creatures that wander through a world dominated by humans. It seems to remain open whether there is room for such fragile creatures in these landscapes devastated by human civilisation.
Vision of the future or images from a parallel universe?
In breathtaking natural scenes, automated industrial landscapes and deserted ruins, a journey through time and living spaces unfolds.


50 years
of Music 

In this year 2022, I have the pleasure to celebrate with you my 50 years of Music on www.zaboitzeff.org and on social networks.
Photos, videos, texts, anecdotes, history...
A retrospective album retracing the best moments
of my career is planned, it does not mean that I intend to stop there but half a century is worth celebrating, isn’t it?

Release date: 23 September 2022
Distributed by PIAS

50 ans de musique (s)

A 3 CD retrospective box set c/o Monstre Sonore - WTPL Music, distributed by PIAS. Release date: 23 September 2022.

Photo credits on this page : Bettina Frenzel, Video credits : Hannes Klein - Bettina Frenzel


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