réminiscences - single
only digital release 01/02/2023

réminiscences. Sometimes, it is essential to stop the mad rush of the world for a while. Sitting on the bank of a river, contemplating the show of nature in the dying day. Then summon one's memories, allowing the emergence of past emotions in order to travel into the uncertainties of the present times. And finally let an inner song be born, the song of life, adorned with timeless melodies that one would like to be eternal.

Denis Desassis, January 2023.

For prepared rhythm piano, electric guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar, trumpet, alto saxophone, alto violin, cello and small string ensemble.

Produced and recorded by Thierry Zaboitzeff
imd-zabmusic-Thierry Zaboitzeff 2023

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Music of the ALLES ANDERS project
a surprise performance
editta braun company (A)

Everything is always different again before we can even perceive the change, we are always too late, everything becomes even more complicated, interwoven and impenetrable. The air we can breathe is getting thinner, the reasons to think utopias instead of dystopias more and more shaky.

In alles anders we counter instability with spontaneous action, our insecurity with transparency, general stagnation with exaggerated imagination. We tell the audience about our perplexity, but then let the big question marks floating in the room dissolve into dynamic dance. Humour and absurdity help us out of our predicament. We push aside the fourth wall between stage and audience.

Premiere: 1 + 2 + 3 March 2023 
SZENE Theater Salzburg, 19:00


Photo credits on this page : Bettina Frenzel, Editta Braun


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