Close Up Ayse Deniz Gokcin

Close Up

2015 - 2016
In collaboration with the pianist and composer Ayşedeniz Gökçin composition for „Close Up“ by editta braun company, an international co-production of ARGEkultur Salzburg, KosmosTheater Wien, Posthof Linz, Manipulate Festival Edinburgh

2.+3. October 2015 in Vienna,15.+16.+17. October 2015 in Salzburg

Close Up (excerpt)

editta braun company - Ayse Deniz
Thierry Zaboitzeff

Art Zoyd 44 1/2 Birthday Concert at the RIO Festival 2015

affiche Rock in Opposition 2015

Participation as composer and instrumentalist in the 45th anniversary concert of Art Zoyd at the Rock In Opposition Festival 2015, a project of Gérard Hourbette and Thierry Zaboitzeff: Art Zoyd + guests

Serge Bertocchi : saxophones
Romuald Cabardos : percussiond, pads
Daniel Denis : percussions, pads
Yukari Bertocchi - Hamada : keyboards
Gérard Hourbette : samplers
Daniel Koskowitz : percussions, pads
Michael Nick : violin
Nadia Ratsimandresy : keyboards
Jean-Pierre Soarez : trumpet
Thierry Zaboitzeff : bass, cello, voice

Sylvie Debare : Technical direction, lights
Pierre Sampagnay : sound
Tim Buquet : backline

Art Zoyd 44 1/2
Birthday concert at RIO 2015

Private video archive

Photo credits for this page: Art Zoyd - Editta Braun - Planet Martine / Artworks : Art Zoyd / video credits: Hannes Klein - explosive egg - Editta Braun


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