Cross The Bridge

Thierry Zaboitzeff - Cross the Bridge


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Cross The Bridge

Solo concert by Thierry Zaboitzeff (co-founder and former member of Art Zoyd).

For 75 minutes, alone on stage, surrounded by his instruments (violoncello, laptop, bass, guitar, keyboard, voice, sampler, loop stations), Thierry Zaboitzeff experiments with new compositions, mixing them with improvisations of orchestral austerity.
Then he will recall his days in the 1980’s with Art Zoyd with new interpretations of old solo pieces.

More than music: these sounds are drama, fairy tale, narrative, lullaby, scream, answer, tender whispering – layered over and over, put into loops, entwined, echoed…
More than a concert: one hears, sees Thierry Zaboitzeff ‘finish’ his music, which never seems to be ‘finished’. Sink into a process, be carried by a perpetuum mobile, be drawn into a current…
More than art: Zaboitzeff has perfect command of his innumerable instruments, including his voice, yet he has another ally, electronics, which he doesn’t hide, but displays with contemporary confidence.
More than solo: in the endless conversation between art, man and technology, Zaboitzeff appears to be everywhere at once and always in the right place.
A performance that allows one to hear Zaboitzeff’s music being created and appeals to all the senses – every concert is a distinctly singular voyage together with the audience.

P.S. More than background: Beda Percht’s video images add an additional level, ‘music for the eye’, play along, complement, rise above.

Dr. Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau

Production: Verein Iva Lirma / Premiere: 26/09/2009 Arge Kultur Salzburg (A).
Supports: Stadt Salzburg / Land Salzburg / Erste Salzburger Sparkasse Kulturfonds / Bundeskanzleram
Cast: Thierry Zaboitzeff: Cello, vocals, electric bass, guitars, electronics, composition.
Projections : Beda Percht - Menie Weissbacher. Lighting: Thomas Hinterberger

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Video credits: Hannes Klein | Photo credits : Lutz Diehl l Hannes Klein (photos extracted from videos)

Verein Iva Lirma
Forum Culturel Autrichien Paris
forum austriaco di cultura mil


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