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03/04/2018 : LOMME (F) MAISON FOLIE BEAULIEU - Artist-in-Residence concert
21/04/2018 : SOIGNIES (B) FESTIVAL LES INTEMPORELLES  Support: Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel
O1/06/2018 : Les TRITONALES 2018 93260 LES LILAS (F) Österreichisches Kulturforum Paris
03/11/2018 : PORGY & BESS WIEN (A)

Aria Primitiva live in Salzburg - Full

Aria Primitiva rehearsal - improvisation

Aria Primitiva Work in Progress EP
Aria Primitiva - Sleep No More CD

EP / CD / LP

Studio album with the support of :
Monstre Sonore | Wtpl-music | SPPF | Verein Iva Lirma | ZabLab - Thierry Zaboitzeff.
Distribution : Inouie Distribution

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Aria Primitiva, The unlikely trio.

I met Nadia (Ondes Martenot) and Cécile (keyboards and samplers) for one of the last anniversary concerts of Art Zoyd at the Phenix of Valenciennes in December 2016, where I participated as one of the two composers and former member. This event, musically and emotionally very intense, brought together our artistic worlds, yet very different. I recognized in Nadia and Cécile the same artistic curiosity and a common language, a kind of primitive, highly energetic approach to music. It seemed evident - this encounter has to be followed up and so we proposed to each other: let’s make out of it a new project.

The trio has been formed on this almost perfect agreement between us, yet unlikely, it imposed itself as obvious - a strange line up: Ondes Martenot, Keyboards, Sampler united with my instruments Electric Cello, Bass Guitar, Vocals.

The trio offers new sounds, a particular sensitivity, a shock of cultures bubbling in a crucible of the human magma.

The idea of mixing impalpable sounds with tribal rhythms, rubbing my voice and that of the cello with the disturbing evanescence of the Ondes Martenot de Nadia and the hypnotic samplers of Cecile, make me feel enthusiastic. We will be wild, noisy, orchestral, stripped, intimate, rigorous, using all technical means at our disposal like sampling and looping in real time, also improvising sometimes.

Sleep no more! The trio addresses this challenge to listeners who dare to dive into these sensitive and harsh compositions.

Pinch, percussive, immaterial, allusive, vocalic music imposes its law. A combination that gives birth to what in us resonates strongest, the primitive echo, the original sound.

Why seek so deep the regular basses and make them match with fugitive harmonics? Why dig the resonances of the human body to the furthest? Simply to reveal: "Do not fall asleep, I do not know everything".

The paradox of Aria Primitiva is in motion.

T. Zaboitzeff

Line up

Aria Primitiva - Nadia Ratsimandresy
Nadia Ratsimandresy
Ondes Martenot - Keyboards - Samplers

Nadia Ratsimandresy discovers the onde Martenot at the age of 9 in Evry (Paris’s suburb) with Françoise Pellié-Murail. Fifteen years later, graduated in onde Martenot at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Paris, she starts working with numerous composers (which include Benjamin de la Fuente, Sophie Lacaze, Tristan Murail), collaborates on 4 shows by the Parisian theater director Judith Depaule, sets to music the choreographic creation of Simone Aughterlony and Isabelle Schad, premieres 6 Art Zoyd shows as a member of the group, is part of the collective La GEX and co-founds the 3D Trio.

Because dreaming is her artist duty, she performs an unpublished and original répertoire for onde & live electronic treatment (Stockhausen, Carl Faia, Mimetic, Li-Ying Wu) dedicated to her, wanders off the pathway of videast Hervé Bailly-Basin and passes on her passion to students at the Regional Conservatoire of Boulogne-Billancourt (France). Creation, dedication and passion.

Aria Primitiva - Thierry Zaboitzeff
Thierry Zaboitzeff
Composition - Bass - Electric Cello - Samplers - Vocals

Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Thierry Zaboitzeff, one of the two heads of the group Art Zoyd from 1971 to 1997, wrote and co-written music for the ballets Roland Petit, ciné concert: Nosferatu / Faust / Häxan, concerts and performances (Dance / Theater ...) He has also performed with Art Zoyd at the Scala in Milano, Yokohama Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Adelaide Festival, Lincoln Center in New York, Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, And participated as a composer and performer in the group's twelve albums.
Thierry left Art Zoyd in 1997 to devote himself to more personal projects.
He has since written for dance, theater, multi-media events, film, as well as for his own concerts and performances: Dr. Zab / Missa Furiosa / Cross The Bridge / The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Between 1997 and 2017 Thierry Zaboitzeff produces 18 albums between Symphonic Rock, Electronic and Acoustic Music.

Thierry quitte Art Zoyd en 1997 pour se consacrer à des projets plus personnels.

Il écrit depuis pour la danse, le théâtre, des évènements multi-media, le film ainsi que pour ses propres concerts et performances : Dr. Zab / Missa Furiosa / Cross The Bridge / The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (ciné-concert)

Entre 1997 et 2017 Thierry Zaboitzeff produit 18 albums entre Rock symphonique, musique électronique et acoustique.

Aria Primitiva - Cécile Thévenot
Cécile Thévenot
Piano - Keyboards - Samplers

After studying musicology at the Université de Bourgogne, Cécile Thévenot graduated at the Dijon Conservatoty, Music Academy of Turku (Finland). She turned towards New Music, Improvisation and Experimental Music. In the collective Générale d' Expérimentation (Dijon) collaboration among others with Didier Ashour, Lê Quanh Ninh, Sylvain Kassap, Didier Petit, Art Zoyd, Editta Braun Company. Increasing focus on performing arts, collaboration with video, dance, sound art, puppets theater.


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Video credits : Hannes Klein - explosive egg, Editta Braun | Photo credits : Bettina Frenzel, Editta Braun, Laurent Maginelle


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