Thierry Zaboitzeff

Thierry Zaboitzeff, French composer and musician, born 27 July 1953 in Maubeuge (F). Best known for his work in contemporary and experimental music, Zaboitzeff has explored a variety of musical genres over the course of his prolific career. He was one of the co-founders and multi-instrumentalists of the group Art Zoyd, a pioneering force in the Rock in Opposition movement, which he left in 1997 to develop a remarkable solo career.

His music combines elements of progressive rock, electronic music, contemporary classical music and experimental soundscapes. Zaboitzeff is renowned for his creative use of a variety of acoustic and usually electrified instruments, vocals, electronic technologies and sound textures to create complex and emotionally rich compositions.

Thierry Zaboitzeff collaborates with numerous artists and contributes to astonishing soundtracks for films, choreographies and theatrical performances. His career has been marked by a constant search for new forms of musical expression, making him a figure apart and constantly on the move in the contemporary musical landscape.

Denis Dessasis : Liner Notes for the retrospective box set of 3 CDs " Thierry Zaboitzeff - 50 ans de musique (s)

" Music, cinema, dance, and theater are united in a large ensemble, free from time and stylistic
barriers, to surrender to an imagination filled with torments and hopes, that of a journey towards great mystery."

Technikart N°262 - Laurence Rémilla 2023  : "L'objet du culte - Thierry Zaboitzeff, l'agitateur "abattre les cloisons" 

"He is one of the pillars of Art Zoyd, the legendary French free-rock band. To celebrate his half-century of musical turmoil,
Thierry Zaboitzeff is releasing a majestic 3-CD compilation..."

Franck Mallet: Le Monde De La Musique, Paris - January 1998 about the Heartbeat album

“With great sensitivity, Zaboitzeff pulls from his machines strange sounds that he mixes with those of acoustic instruments. Attracting natural noises into his sonic meshes, like insects that are led to buzz beneath an artificial light, he weaves apprehensive, vibrating spaces, haunted here and there by ancient memories...”

Franck Marguin for Hémisphère Son - Les larmes de Prométhée. A chance to rediscover one of the most singular and cross-genre adventures in French music. 15/11/2022

"Creating a new work, gigantic, protean, seemingly in perpetual mutation, offering us the possibility of devouring once again this incandescent and forever regenerated liver..."

Harald Friedl, Vienna on March 11th, 2016 about Multiple Distortions.

"The music of Thierry Zaboitzeff cannot be neatly fitted into any existing musical category. On and off one might be tempted by a few bars which indicate a category but soon enough such certainty is shattered...
...one wants to hear it over and over again - to start at its beginning once the last sound has faded..."

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