Thierry Zaboitzeff

Thierry Zaboitzeff, French composer and musician, born 27 July 1953 in Maubeuge (F). Best known for his work in contemporary and experimental music, Zaboitzeff has explored a variety of musical genres over the course of his prolific career. He was one of the co-founders and multi-instrumentalists of the group Art Zoyd, a pioneering force in the Rock in Opposition movement, which he left in 1997 to develop a remarkable solo career.

His music combines elements of progressive rock, electronic music, contemporary classical music and experimental soundscapes. Zaboitzeff is renowned for his creative use of a variety of acoustic and usually electrified instruments, vocals, electronic technologies and sound textures to create complex and emotionally rich compositions.

Thierry Zaboitzeff collaborates with numerous artists and contributes to astonishing soundtracks for films, choreographies and theatrical performances. His career has been marked by a constant search for new forms of musical expression, making him a figure apart and constantly on the move in the contemporary musical landscape.

Citizen Jazz
Liner notes from the box set "Thierry Zaboitzeff - 50 ans de musique(s)" 2023.
" Here, the coherence is in the arrangement of a long scenario animating colours and timbres, varying rhythms and atmospheres, in the construction of a landscape between shadow and light. But with an unfailing passion for music that may be cerebral, but is powerfully carnal."

Denis Desassis

France - 20/11/2022

Technikart N°262 : The object of cult - Thierry Zaboitzeff the agitator, "breaking down the walls".  
" He is one of the pillars of Art Zoyd, the legendary French free-rock band. To celebrate his half-century of musical turmoil,
Thierry Zaboitzeff is releasing a majestic 3-CD compilation..."

Laurence Rémilla

France - September 2023

Le Monde de La Musique
Le Monde De La Musique, about the album Heartbeat.
" With sensitivity, Zaboitzeff draws strange sounds from his machines, which he integrates with those of non-electrified instruments. Drawing natural sounds into his sound mesh, like insects vibrating under artificial light, he weaves uneasy, buzzing spaces, visited here and there by ancient memories..."

Franck Mallet

France -  January 1998

Hémisphère sons
Hémisphère Son - Les larmes de Prométhée. A chance to rediscover one of the most singular and transgenre adventures on the French music scene. 
" creating a new work, gigantic, protean, seemingly in perpetual mutation...
These 50 de musique(s) take us from the ashes of progressive rock in the late 60s to the techno of the early 21st century, from the wildest experiments to moments of contemplation full of reserve and intensity...

Franck Marguin

France - 15/11/2022

THIERRY ZABOITZEFF, fifty shades of genius. The unclassifiable THIERRY ZABOITZEFF is back this autumn with the anthology 50 years of music, an epic retrospective of an extraordinary career.
" zaboitzeff went it alone in 84 with the release of Prométhée, once again the start of one of the most prolific catalogues in France - sometimes releasing several albums a year. The anthology 50 ans de musique (50 years of music) revisits just that, on three CDs of around fifteen tracks each. "Only", one might be tempted to say.
Thierry zaboitzeff's story is one of fifty years of pure musical creation..."

Kevin Letalleur

France - September 2022

Rythmes Croisés
Rythmes Croisés about the album
" With a prolific solo career that began in 1997 after he left the group ART ZOYD, where he stayed for over three decades, it might be legitimate for our man to want to give up. But this is not the case. Our 'Dr. ZAB' still has things to say. After more than half a century of composing in and out of ART ZOYD, Thierry ZABOITZEFF is still giving his voice (and we know how visceral it can be at times!). And that voice carries a vision that is as sagacious and relevant as ever on the state of the world and the role of the human being in it."

Stéphane Fougère

France - 30/04/2024

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