LoSt - single

Label : imd-zabmusic
Digital release date : 04/09/2020
Physical release date: None
Digital distribution : All streaming and download platforms.
Genre : symphonic electro rock - ambient - contemporary classical - alternative - post rock - music for image - music for dance theatre.
Number of tracks : 2 | Duration : 10:09
Musician: Thierry Zaboitzeff: All instruments, vocals and sampler programming.
Composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff
Artwork : imd-zabmusic



by Peter Thelen, Published 2020-11-26


... Finally there is the single track “LoSt Uncut,” another solo piece originally composed as a choreographed piece for the Editta Braun company. The 18-minute piece is a wandering dreamy sequence of interesting sounds as it proceeds, shifting gears frequently as it elaborates on more dark imagery as it goes. Several parts of the piece find a powerful flowing groove, comparable to some very dark elements of Magma, while others embark on more ambient excursions. It’s over all too soon, so you’ll need to play it twice to get the effect of a full LP. Of all the pieces reviewed here, LoSt Uncut is the most engaging from my perspective.


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