Epreuves d Acier

Epreuves d'acier
Fragments d'une forge

Label : imd-zabmusic
Digital release date : 01/01/1995
Digital distribution : Bandcamp for imd-zabmusic
Genre : art rock - ambient - contemporary classical - alternative - soundtrack - experimental - electro acoustic...
Number of tracks : 1 | Duration : 17:58
Musicians : Thierry Zaboitzeff (bass guitar, guitars, keyboards, cello, samplers, percussion programming and other virtual instruments)
Composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff
Artwork: Philippe Schlienger - Les Insatisfaits
2019 Thierry Zaboitzeff - imd-zabmusic
1995 Thierry Zaboitzeff
1993-95 Photographs by Philippe Schlienger
P&C 1995 Les Insatisfaits

Epreuves d'acier - Fragments d'une forge

EPREUVES D'ACIER is originally a composition commissioned to Thierry Zaboitzeff by the photographer Philippe Schlienger and his association
"Les Insatisfaits" for the exhibition "EPREUVES D'ACIER - FRAGMENTS D'UNE FORGE" This project was piloted in France for Thierry Zaboitzeff
by the association "SOUNDTRACKS".
This work was published in a book-disc by the editions "Contrejour" (F) The music was composed, interpreted and recorded by Thierry Zaboitzeff in 1995.
Later, large parts were taken again in Live during the cine-concert of Art Zoyd "Häxan", Art zoyd which was also co-directed at that time by Thierry zaboitzeff.


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