Dr Zab and his robotic strings orchestra - artists edition

Dr. Zab & His Robotic Strings Orchestra
Artist's edition

Label : imd-zabmusic
Digital release date : 08/01/2021
Distribution : iMusician for imd-zabmusic
Genre : art rock - ambient - contemporary classical - alternative - world - soundtrack - experimental - electro acoustic
Number of tracks : 27 | Duration : 77:00
Musicians : Thierry Zaboitzeff (bass, cello, voice, keyboards, samplers, electronics)
André Mergenthaler (Saxophones on track 22)
Composition : Thierry Zaboitzeff
Artwork: imd-zabmusic (Photography By Corneel Maria Ryckeboer)
℗ 2020 Thierry Zaboitzeff
2020 Thierry Zaboitzeff (Photography By Corneel Maria Ryckeboer)

Dr Zab & His Robotic Strings Orchestra CD original. Mantra 074 WM335642074 : 1992  et Booster 2009
André Mergenthaler : Saxophones sur la plage 22.
Thierry Zaboitzeff : Composition, basse, violoncelle, voix, claviers, samplers, électronique.

Dr. Zab & His Robotic Strings Orchestra was produced in 1992 by Thierry Zaboitzeff and Art Zoyd, of which he was the artistic co-director at this time. Thierry was already dreaming of other spaces than those dedicated exclusively to contemporary music, too formal and not fun enough for him ... It was from that moment on that he started to work more and more alone, thus gradually moving away from his initial artistic approach within Art Zoyd. 



by Christian Jacob (1992)
Chronique de la version originale sur CD

Dr Zab & His Robotic Strings Orchestra

Art Zoyd est, avec Urban Sax, Magma et quelques autres, l'un des groupes français qui se sont forgés une forte identité dans le champ des musiques Thierry Zaboitzeff, l'un des piliers d'Art Zoyd, nous offre un album solo où se manifestent pleinement ses talents de compostion et sa maîtrise des instruments électroniques : rythmiques hypnotiques, boucles répétitives, fusion des styles et des traditions, soundtracks débridés et climats recueillis, ironie parfois grinçante et jeux mécaniques.
Le Dr. Zab, au milieu de ses drôles de machines, explore de manière ludique des labyrinthes de la modernité. De la même famille et du même talent, Patricia Dallio nous avait, il y a quelques mois, gratifié d'un très bel album,
« Procession ", sur le label D.T.R. (distr. M.S.I.).

Christian Jacob

by Achim Breiling (1992)
Chronique de la version originale sur CD

Dr Zab & His Robotic Strings Orchestra

Thierry Zaboitzeff, Art Zoyd’s bassist until 1996, released his second solo album in 1992, at the same time as the two ‘Marathonnerre’ cds (‘Prométhée, his first solo work, was released in 1983).
On this album Dr. Zab takes a romp through his home studio. Zaboitzeff mixes together an orgy of sampled sounds and noises and diverse instrumental tracks. The result is a singular, electronic sound brew which from ‘Marathonnerre’ on increasingly characterizes Art Zoyd’s music as well : neo-classical, gloomy, threatening, symphonic, complex – just more synthetic as the music on the band’s albums from the 1980’s.
The whole work is quite varied, including a series of background noises (water dripping), horses clip-clopping, helicopters flying by...etc.), at times quoting classical role models (for instance the track ‘Dr. Zab & his robotic string orchestra’ is stolen directly from the third movement of Schostakowitsch 8th symphony) without mentioning the corresponding composers – but hey, we’re used to Prog-musicians doing that – and has a truly gigantic sound.
‘Dr. Zab & his robotic strings orchestra’ is a wholly interesting cd and a worthy investment for all Art Zoyd-completists and electronic sample freaks. 

Achim Breiling 

by Peter Thelen
Chronique de la version originale sur CD

Dr Zab & His Robotic Strings Orchestra

Zaboitzeff is the Bass Guitarist/Cellist for Art Zoyd. This solo project shows him in a more electronic setting, as it is done mostly using synths and sequencers. There are 22 tracks of varying length and styles, but firmly in the neo-classical/electronic style. The album is brilliant, and strikes a good balance between melodics and dark Zoydian textures; It's one that tends to grow on the listener, but not one that will alienate on the first listen; in fact this album is sufficiently accessible that even folks who've had problems adapting to the dark and angular worlds of bands like Art Zoyd and Univers Zero should have no problem with this.

Peter Thelen


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